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Minor Skin Irregularities

Your skin is your body's biggest organ. It protects you and helps keep your body's temperature regulated. It also serves as your primary sense of touch. All over your body, your skin is hard at work producing new skin cells. At the bottom depths of your epidermis (the visible, outer-most layer of your skin), new skin cells are constantly being formed. It takes anywhere from two weeks to a full month for new skin cells to reach the top of your epidermis. As these new cells push to the surface, older cells die and rise up to the surface of your skin.

Over time, the outer most layer of your skin becomes weathered by fine lines, redness, wrinkles, age spots and uneven pigmentation. As you get older, it becomes much more difficult for your skin to maintain a flawless appearance and firm elasticity. For people looking to revitalize their skin, Derma Dolce Medical Spa offer treatments for skin rejuvenation. No matter how much focus you place on skin care, maintaining healthy and young looking skin becomes more and more difficult as you age. Some people choose to counter these aging effects with cosmetic surgery. For people who prefer treatments that are less-expensive and less-invasive, skin rejuvenation is an excellent alternative to face lifts and surgery. Los Angeles is home to many different skin treatment centers, but Derma Dolce Medical Spa is unique and inviting. We offer state-of-the art skin rejuvenation treatments that are effective, affordable and administered by a well-trained staff of friendly professionals. If you're searching for skin rejuvenation in the greater LA area, our convenient location is here to provide you with the best treatment options available.
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