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Laser Hair Removal

1. Our Lasers

1.1. Cutera Coolglide Laser System

Cutera Coolglide Laser System A breakthrough occurred with the creation of the CoolGlide laser system. Unwanted facial or body hair can become a thing of the past with this revolutionary system. With a technology far beyond that of other laser equipment, the CoolGlide can disable hundreds of hair follicles in less than one second. And, the parameters of the CoolGlide are designed to inhibit re-growth of hair. This brings long-lasting results.

The CoolGlide handpiece is superior to other laser systems on the market. It was designed to decrease the surface temperature thereby protecting the outer layers of the skin during treatment. This prevents damage or thermal injury from the laser beam. The CoolGlide minimizes discomfort because it has a mild anesthetic effect. The CoolGlide laser system is simply the best laser currently available.

CoolGlide Before and After Pictures
Before After
Before After
Before After

1.2. Palomar MediLux

Palomar MediLux The Palomar MediLux is a fast system for laser hair removal, acne treatment and pigmented and vascular lesions that uses intense pulsed light for effective results.

The Palomar MediLux uses IPL technology and a variety of handpieces to treat a wide range of conditions. T he MediLux is compatible with a long list of handpieces, including the LuxR, LuxRs, LuxY, LuxG, LuxB and LuxV. The MediLux line of handpieces is widely known as some of the longest lasting in the industry and most have a lifespan of well over 100,000 pulses. This MediLux system is also exceptionally fast and can perform most treatments in less than 30 minutes.

2. Laser Hair Removal Price Policy

What we promise is what we deliver.

We offer a variety of pricing options, In addition, we are able to beat & match competitor's prices and pass saving down to you because we do not have large overhead advertising costs.

Before you make an appointment with any laser clinic ask them about specific time they suggest for the specific treatment and then compare them all together, who does a better job.

For instance a good Laser Treatment should be 20% to 30% over lapping between the Laser Pulses if they do this over lapping a full legs take approximately for an average body 2.5 hours, if they do it faster than 2.5 hours they are not over lapping and keep missing spots.

We Guaranty Result.

Prices Subject Pay As You Go:

Upper Lip $20.00
Face $30.00
Throat $30.00
Neck $30.00
Ears $30.00
Full Arms $90.00
Half Arms $50.00
Full Legs & Bikini Line $160.00
Full Legs & Full Bikini $200.00
Full Genital Only $75.00
Full Buttocks Only $75.00
Full Genital & Buttocks $120.00
Bikini Line Only $50.00
Full Back $120.00
Full Chest $120.00

Man's Special Include:
Full Neck, Ears, Nose, Cheeks & Eyebrows
Man's Full Body Include:
Full Back, Lower Back, Shoulder, & Half Arms
Lady's Full Body Include:
Full Legs, Bikini Line, Full Arms & Underarms

The treatment time I mentioned above proximately depends on the size of the client. However many clinics do the same job in half the time or faster, which doesn't mean that they are faster, have faster machines or are better. The only difference is that they missing a lot of spots during the treatment.

And most of the time they charge the clients in advance for a series of treatments and don't care about quality and service, and they always double or triple book the clients.

Our motto at Derma Dolce Medical Spa is always the customer's satisfaction and best service quality not quantity. we never double book you with other clients and we believe in your privacy, that means when you make an appointment with us its your time and it's only you in our office with qualified staff to serve you best service.

We also offer Laser Hair Removal By Time which you can use it for touch ups or for treatment, our rate start @: 15 minutes $75.00

All Prices Subject Pay As You Go.

This prices include 6 individual treatments.
Lady s Full Body include:
Full Legs, Bikini Line, Full Arms & Underarms
(Take almost 5 hours each treatment)

Men's Full Body include:
Full Back, Lower Back, Abdomen, Upper Arms, Full Neck & Throat
(Take almost 3.5 hours each treatment)

3. Understanding Laser Hair Removal

The information listed below is a guide to help you to understand laser hair removal procedures.

3.1. Unwanted Hair
Unwanted hair is often associated with excessive thick and coarse hair on the face, back, chest, arms, underarms, legs,bikini line,and buttocks. Many men and women suffer from unwanted hair in their body. It is often a result of hormonal disturbances such as polycystic ovary disease,congenital adrenal hyperplasia,menopause,pregnancy or certain types of medication. In other cases,men and women no longer want to deal with the daily hassles of shaving,waxing and tweezing. Laser hair removal saves time, energy and money in the long run.

3.2. Typical Treatments
Treatments to remove unwanted hair include tweezing, shaving, creams, waxing and electrolysis. Tweeting and shaving are time consuming short term solutions to unwanted hair, while creams and waxing can be messy and temporary. Electrolysis is a painful, time consuming and expensive.

3.3. How Does Hair Grow?
Hair typically grows in three cycle: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Anagen is known as the active phase or the growing phase when the hair fiber is produced. During this stage,hair exhibits an abundance of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its color. It is during this phase that laser hair removal is most effective.

The catagen phase or club hair is a transitional period of controlled regression for the hair follicle. In the catagen phase the lower part of the hair stops growing and does not shed. This causes the lower part of the follicle to decrease in volume and is destroyed.

The telogen phase can best be described as the resting phase. The telogen phase is when the catagen phase ends and the hair follicle begins a two to six month period of new Anagen hair.

3.4. When Should Hair Be Removed?
With all the different hair cycles, how do you know when hair is in the correct phase for effective hair removal?
At any one time approximately 90% of hair is growing for a period lasting from 2 to 6 years.
The duration of a hairs life cycle is normally a combined result of medication, gender, age, type of hair, heredity, nutrition, health and hormones. In addition, hair growth differs on specific body parts and with age.
For example hair that was dormant at age 35 may become active at age 45.
Pregnancy, menopause or a change in hormones for both men and women can cause an increase or decrease in hair production. For that reason we guarantee permanent hair reduction.
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Laser Hair Removal

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